wireless ev charging

A new magnetized road surface will pave the way to in-road wireless EV charging, with Indiana leading the charge (photo courtesy of Magment).

Woke In The Streets: In-Road Wireless EV Charging Comes To Indiana

The dream of an in-road, wireless EV charging system is not so dreamy any more. Indiana is among the states developing systems that will enable electric vehicles to recharge while in motion. That’s the sort of convenience that will help more drivers make the switch from gasmobiles to electric drive, … [continued]

50 VinFast Stores Opening In Europe, 800 Electric Double-Deck Buses for Ireland, 2nd Life Batteries…

As VinFast,  a Vietnamese EV company, announced its plan to open more than 50 stores across France, Germany, and Netherland at EVS35, the Audi Environmental Foundation went into the third project phase with nonprofit startup Nunam on electric rickshaws. Battery modules from Audi e-tron test vehicles are electrifying rickshaws in … [continued]