Waste Reduction

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Decarbonizing Building Heat — RAP EU Lead Jan Rosenow On Policy Sausages & Hydrogen

Recently I sat down virtually with energy policy expert Jan Rosenow of RAP on my podcast “Redefining Energy — Tech” to discuss how residential and commercial building heat solutions. In the theme of providing transcripts of presentations I’m giving in various places for people who prefer the written word, this … [continued]

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Amidst Democratic Party Turmoil, The Biden-Harris Administration Continues To Protect The Environment & Workers

The Chevron deference was an essential legal precedent that conferred upon federal agencies the capacity to interpret and to make laws more explicit. The Supreme Court’s recent overturning of Chevron has placed the future of many regulations on clean water and clean air in the hands of appointed judges, the … [continued]

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A Tale Of Two Countries & Why One Is Holding The Agricultural Sector Responsible For…

Farmers in New Zealand complained that a regulated price on methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide emissions, starting in late 2025, would force some in their industry off their land. As a result of significant lobbying efforts, New Zealand has confirmed that the agricultural sector, which accounts for about half … [continued]

Slide from presenting on decarbonizing industry for ISGF seminar series by Michael Barnard, TFIE Strategy Inc

Fixing Industrial Process Emissions — India Utility Seminar Transcript & Slides

Under the auspices of the India Smart Grid Forum, the think tank founded as an umbrella organization over India’s 28 state utilities to provide thought leadership, share leading practices, and bring international insights to India, I’m delivering bi-weekly webinars framed by the Short List of Climate Actions That Will Work. With the … [continued]

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Cement Displacement & Decarbonization Decade By Decade Through 2100

Cement is the gray glue that holds our economy together. It’s ubiquitous, if often hidden behind paint or plaster. It holds together the rock, sand, and steel that keep our buildings upright, our bridges spanning chasms, and our dams holding water for irrigation, generation, and recreation. And it’s a carbon … [continued]

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Let’s Change The Food Waste We Send To Landfills & Reduce Methane Emissions

In the US, food is the single most common material sent to landfills, comprising 24.1% of municipal solid waste. When food and other organic materials decompose in a landfill where anaerobic (without oxygen) conditions are present, bacteria break down the materials and generate methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Municipal solid … [continued]

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Fly Ash, Silica Fume, & Natural Pozzolans Are Terms To Know When Talking Green Cement

Every domain brings with it a wealth of new language. Being the domain junky that I am, my head is creaking at the seams with jargon and technical terms from a multitude of places. Cement and concrete are no different. Today’s exploration is of the interesting world of supplementary cementitious … [continued]

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US Industrial Natural Gas Consumers Could See 56% Higher Bills With Methane Leak Price

Remarkably, in 2022 the USA managed to get a greenhouse gas price through Congress. It wasn’t on carbon dioxide, the biggest problem, but it was on methane, the second biggest greenhouse gas problem we humans create. Perhaps more remarkably, it was explicitly on the oil and gas industry and excluded … [continued]