United Nations (UN)

UN Report: Indigenous Lands Protecting Biodiversity Are Being Threatened By Incursions

A report conducted by the United Nations (UN) found that Indigenous Peoples’ food systems are the most sustainable, and also explored how climate change is affecting them. Incursions into Indigenous lands are threatening tribal food systems and our planet’s well-being, Inside Climate News reported. Indigenous people have been sustainably using … [continued]

Boston Redlining Visible In Concrete, Ecocide Needs Definition, Climate Threatening Indigenous Food — Nexus Media…

Below are three recent Nexus Media news briefs combined into one article. Boston Redlining Past Visible In Concrete Today The racist legacy of redlining and other inequities, exacerbated by continued greenspace disparities, are disproportionately heating — and thus harming — low-income Boston neighborhoods, the Boston Globe reports. Previously redlined neighborhoods, those … [continued]