UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

Paris Agreement Open To Signing Today

A record number of countries are set to descend upon New York today to sign the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. According to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, today’s signing “signals the next step towards the Agreement coming into force and a critical juncture in a global … [continued]

Bonn Meeting Revs Up World Climate Change Efforts

A ten-day meeting to hone the draft text of the Paris 2015 universal climate agreement has begun in Bonn, Germany. Presidents of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Lima COP20 (Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, the deft and diplomatic Environment Minister of Peru) and the upcoming Paris COP21 meetings (Laurent Fabius, who is … [continued]

Is Fossil Fuel Divestment A Bad Idea?

Despite objections to the contrary from those beholden to fossil fuels, the financial benefit and ethical motivation behind the divestment of fossil fuel investments is not likely to slow any time soon — if ever. A Global Initiative The fossil fuel divestment movement has exploded in popularity over the last … [continued]

Falling Oil Prices Will Not Bother Solar

About two weeks back, the OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) oil producers’ cartel decided not to cut output at its meeting in Vienna. Since then, oil prices have plummeted to a record five-year low. Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil exporter and OPEC’s most influential member could potentially support … [continued]

Deep Decarbonization Draft Offers “Transformational” Climate Strategies (VIDEO)

As unprecedented storms, extinctions, and water, food, and energy wars continue to touch our world, warnings about destructive human-made climate change multiply and increase in stridency. At the United Nations in New York yesterday, some possible solutions were officially released. (VIDEO available here.) Experts from leading world research institutes convened … [continued]