Top Solar Cities In US, Vivint Solar Employee Unexpectedly Meets With Obama… (Clean Electricity Link…

Some top clean electricity reading for your Tuesday (& more?) pleasure: Solar America’s Top Solar Cities Rankings Might Surprise You (Also: Top 10 Cities For Solar Power) Vivint Solar Employee Sent to ‘Casual’ Roundtable Meeting Gets a Shock Colorado Utility To Bring Solar Power To Low-Income Families Yingli Solar Profits Rise 53.4% in 2014, Ships Over 3.3 … [continued]

Digging Deeper Into The UGE

Earlier this month, UGE launched its latest vertical axis wind turbine – VisionAIR3. Tina Casey’s coverage on Clean Technica sparked some lively discussion about the small wind industry, both in the comments on the article and in a separate article by Mike Barnard. Barnard and UGE CEO Nick Blitterswyk recently engaged in … [continued]