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Tesla Model 3 Performance Crushes Fossil BMW M3 Around Race Track

Top Gear magazine has track tested the Tesla Model 3 Performance head to head against fossil fans’ favorite sports saloon, the BMW M3. The track times were conducted on the 2 mile Thunderhill Raceway Park West circuit, with the Tesla coming in a significant 2 seconds ahead of the (more expensive) BMW. Fossils must now accept all-round inferiority in the performance realm.

Top Gear: Tesla’s Model 3 = “Triumph”

Top Gear has had a rocky past with Tesla. However, when given the chance to review the Model 3, Top Gear reports, “Everything Tesla has done up to this point has been building towards the Model 3 … and it’s been worth it.”

Why? It turns out, “There’s a refreshing simplicity to the proposition and a frisson of excitement inside and outside the car, wherever it goes.”

A Shaking Porsche vs A Tesla Model S (GIFs + Video)

Talking about cars in general and electric cars in particular, you are bound to get around to the subject of the launch from 0–60 mph acceleration every now and then. And frankly, it doesn’t really make sense in daily life, does it? The recent hype about the new Tesla Roadster proves the point. I mean, 0–60 in 1.9 seconds? Really? You would need a medical clearance for doing that. I get blurry vision below 4 seconds, so what’s the point?

Top Gear Car of the Year = BMW i8

Originally published on EV Obsession (with some picture changes). What’s the best car of 2014? According to Top Gear, it’s the BMW i8, a plug-in hybrid electric car with a slick look, great acceleration, and the ability to conveniently charge up at home. This is no small deal. Top Gear … [continued]