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Lightsource bp Completes $348 Million Financing Package for Two Utility-Scale Solar Projects in Texas

288 megawatts of new solar capacity will generate enough electricity to reliably power 50,000 homes Financing includes a suite of transferability facilities made possible by the Inflation Reduction Act Projects to bring additional energy security and diversification to the Texas electric grid Lightsource bp has successfully closed on a $348 … [continued]

Texas: Solar Energy Hitting State in 1 Month = All Energy Texas Oil & Gas…

This is a fact the president and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), Rhone Resch, said at the 2011 Solar Power International conference this year. In Rhone’s own words:

Texas has the potential to be a MASSIVE solar market. To put it into perspective, the sunshine that falls on Texas each month has more energy than all of the oil that has ever been pumped out of this state. If you think oil made Texas great, just wait till you see what they do with solar….

But today, smaller, less sunny states are currently ahead of Texas. There’s no reason why New Jersey should have nearly 10 times more solar installed than Texas. That’s like the Princeton Tigers football team coming down to Texas and putting a whooping on the Longhorns. That’s just wrong….