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Elon Musk Buried The Lede On Tesla AI Day

By Roger Pressman, Founder of EVANNEX Much has and will be written about Tesla’s AI Day—2022. Nearly all of it will emphasize Tesla’s significant lead in automotive autonomous driving capability, FSD, it’s accelerating efforts in robotics with particular emphasis on its bipedal autonomous robot, Optimus, and to a lesser extent, … [continued]

Tesla AI Day Robot Liveblog

Tesla’s AI Day livestream event is supposed to start in about 5 minutes. We’ve published some articles leading up to today’s event about what might be included, but there have been essentially no leaks about what will actually be covered. We’ll see! You can watch the livestream on Tesla’s website … [continued]

Observations on Tesla’s AI Day

Tesla’s AI Day took place on August 19th, 2021. You can find the official YouTube link here, and Lex Friedman has a good summary here. These are my observations, completely as a non-technical person. Remember, this was a recruiting event for talent in these areas: computer hardware, neural networks, autonomy … [continued]

What Real-World AI From Tesla Could Mean

Editor’s note: Tesla AI Day is here. But many people who are super eager to see what’s revealed are leaning into their computers searching for something new or stimulating as an appetizer. Chanan Bos wrote a tremendous piece earlier this year about Tesla’s and what “real-world AI” from Tesla could … [continued]