Decarbonization Potential Of Solar Thermal

In a new article by SolarFlux, CEO Naoise Irwin shares how solar thermal has massive yet under-appreciated decarbonization potential. Almost 6% of U.S. energy consumption could be decarbonized simply by using solar energy for industrial process heat applications, he wrote. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), solar thermal … [continued]

Solarflux: A Year Of FOCUS In The Field

Solarflux recently shared a twelve-month review of its FOCUS parabolic dish in operation. You may remember my interview with CEO Naoise Irwin last year about this technology. Naoise along with Solarflux CTO John Fangman, who invented the dish, shared how it converts 72% of solar energy into usable heat. In … [continued]

Solarflux FOCUS Parabolic Dish Concentrator Converts 72% Of Solar Energy Into Usable Heat

Solarflux, a company specializing in parabolic dish concentrator technology, has developed the FOCUS parabolic dish concentrator, which converts 72% of the solar energy it gets into usable heat. This news comes from Solarflux, which just announced the results of an independent report by Lehigh University’s Energy Research Center. The report … [continued]