solar power prices

Solar Grid Parity in North Carolina (New Study)

As John Farrell noted in an article in January, grid parity is a complicated matter (and doesn’t take into account important health costs, greenhouse gas emissions costs, and grid costs). But grid parity is rather important because it relates to what actual consumers directly pay for solar-powered electricity compared to conventionally … [continued]

New Solar Power Charts

  Greentech Media posted a number of solar power charts yesterday on its website, charts which Shayle Kann presented at the SolarTech Solar Leadership Summit in San Jose, California yesterday. This is mostly stuff that any regular CleanTechnica reader would be aware of, but it’s always fun and interesting to see such … [continued]

Solar PV Reducing Price of Electricity in Germany

Oh, the solar power haters* are going to love this one—a recent study by Germany’s Institute for Future Energy Systems (IZES), conducted on behalf of of the German Solar Industry Association (BSW-Solar), has found that, on average, solar power has reduced the price of electricity 10% in Germany (on the EPEX exchange). It reduces prices up to 40% in the early afternoon, when electricity demand is peaking and electricity typically costs the most.

Falling Solar Panel Costs are Great for Buyers, Bad for Producers (sort of)

A recent industry analysis by Lux Research projects the amount of solar power installed is to grow 15.5 percent per year, but revenues are to stay flat, until 2016. A report from Navigant Consulting discovered that the price of solar panels is down almost 20 percent as of August 2011. The information derived from these two reports show that the consumer is poised to benefit from the price reduction, while manufacturers can expect an almost flat profit margin for the next few years.