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New Solar Power Charts

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Greentech Media posted a number of solar power charts yesterday on its website, charts which Shayle Kann presented at the SolarTech Solar Leadership Summit in San Jose, California yesterday. This is mostly stuff that any regular CleanTechnica reader would be aware of, but it’s always fun and interesting to see such information in a visual format, and the charts provide a good summary of where solar power is today. So, here they are, with a quick note preceding each one:

Solar installations in 2011: Germany & Italy — BIG; US, China, and Japan — Big, but not as big.

Solar installation estimates for 2016: US & China take the lead; Germany & Italy still strong; India pops onto the scene; ‘rest of world’ increases its solar installations a lot.

Solar panel manufacturing up + solar panel demand flat (due, largely, to policy changes in some countries) = solar panel prices dropping a ton. 50% drop in the past year, now under $1/Wp.

US solar market doubled last year, and expected to keep growing at a rapid pace.

Number of states with over 10 MW of solar PV installed grows.

Source: Greentech Media

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  • Stan

    10 megawatts, is the average annual output of 6 ea. 5 MW windmills..
    (1.8 MW ea.)..that’s disgusting!
    These countries, and ours, are lazy, complacent and phoney…the federal government is phoney….it’s all crap……make GE install 1 5MW unit, for every 5 million $ they aren’t paying in taxes each year…make Exxon buy SRECs like everyone else…..(or fund more solar and windmills)
    And for God’s sake….for every middle east country we can leave alone, we can install 100MWs of solar and windmills every year, at least.
    Nice going Obama… drooling idiot. “The Green President”????
    Make that the RED President……..for 2 reasons….one, he’s got us so far in the red since he took office, the red has been looking like blood, and the other, is that it’s the color of Satan.

    • Dcard88

      Please stop posting gibberish. Firts of all your numbers could be corrected by my 8th grade son who knows nothing about solar or electricity and then you just deterioarate into complete upside down delusion world.

      • James Van Damme

        He makes Rush Limbaugh look like an intellectual, but he is about 10% right: our solar installation is pathetic. Let Germany get things rolling at $5 a watt; we’ll pave nevada with panels when more efficient and cheaper ones come along.

        • Bob_Wallace

          Germany is rolling faster than you realize. Last summer the cost of installed rooftop solar in Germany fell to $3.40/watt.

          That’s installed rooftop, someone’s house. Not cheaper to do large commercial roofs or open land.

          We’re averaging $6.40/watt in the US for rooftop.

          What is wrong with us?

          We’re down to around $3.60 on large (500kW) installation on commercial buildings.

          Solar panels are now selling for under $1/watt.

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