Image courtesy: POEN

POEN Extends The Lifespan Of EV Battery Packs With Novel Remanufacturing Process

What’s better than a brand new EV battery? A recycled EV battery. What’s better than a recycled EV battery? A remanufactured EV battery. At least that’s what Seoul-based EV battery remanufacturing startup POEN thinks.  That stands for POsitive ENergy which makes sense given the great work they’re doing to help transition the … [continued]

Why Is Samsung Still In Coal When Everyone Else Is Moving Towards Clean Energy?

2020 has been called a defining moment to fight the climate crisis, and many tech companies are amping up their efforts to do so. This year, Apple announced that it would cut its emissions by 75 percent and become carbon neutral by 2030. Amazon made a similar pledge, saying it would become carbon neutral by 2040, and set a goal of running 100% percent on renewables by 2025.

Air Pollution Ranking In 32 Cities — How Does Yours Measure Up? (State of Pollution…

As we revealed in our previous article, air pollution is a serious problem that costs millions of lives each year and is a drain on the world economy. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) air pollution is now a bigger health threat than HIV and Ebola. You might now be wondering how your own city measures up against others from around the world, where it sits in the rankings, and what the health effects of air pollution might be.