Solar Electric Light Fund Launches Campaign: “Energy is a Human Right”

There are many who believe nearly 1.5 billion people in the world who live without access to modern forms of energy should have a voice to affect change for the better. Among those with the mission: the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF). The nonprofit has been working to eliminate energy poverty through the use of solar power and today it announced the launch of “Energy is a Human Right,” a campaign showing support for those living in energy poverty.

$100 Billion Opportunity for Waste-To-Energy Companies in Developing World

Here’s an opportunity to wisely spend some of the $100 billion that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promised at Copenhagen to cut the greenhouse gases of developing nations by aiding in the development of renewable energy infrastructure to by-pass fossil fuel dependence.

Apparently one in four Chinese cities and seven out of 10 counties are without sewage-treatment plants, according to the People’s Daily.