Renewable Cities

This Is What We Need In *Every* City

The standout feature of the Renewable Cities Global Learning Forum that I presented at earlier this year was its focus on action. This manifested itself in many ways, but one impressive segment really provided a “wow” moment. With a huge room filled with cleantech experts from other cities, countries, businesses, nonprofit organizations, … [continued]

Innovative Financing For Renewable Cities

Getting back to my catch-up work regarding the Renewable Cities Global Learning Forum, the panel discussion below is a wonky one on innovative financing for green progress. The moderator was Brock Carlton, CEO of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. Presenters included: Ken Nolan, Manager of Power Resources, City Electric — Burlington, VT Ross Beaty, Executive Chairman, … [continued]

Renewable Cities Calls To Action

One of the panel discussions at the Renewable Cities Global Learning Forum was essentially a big call to action, or several different calls to action. Moderated by Stefan Schurig of the World Future Council, who I had a great one-on-one conversation with right before the panel, kicked off the session with the perfect topic … [continued]

Renewable Cities Conversations — 100% Renewable Energy, How Cities Can & Are Leading, &… Just…

I’ve been meaning for months to get back to covering all of the one-on-one conversations between cleantech experts that the Renewable Cities team organized during the Renewable Cities Global Learning Forum. Thanks to Christmas weekend, I can finally get to these! Below are six more of these conversations, followed at the end … [continued]