2 Solar Ovens Reviewed

Solar ovens use a free source of energy which produces no emissions of any kind — sunlight. It isn’t only saving money on fuel and reducing emissions that makes solar ovens appealing, though. Jim says the heat from a solar oven is more moderate and the food he prepares doesn’t get dried out as much. Both men agree food made in a solar oven tastes better.

The WoodMaster Flex Fuel Series is Phase II EPA qualified and is currently the cleanest product listed on the EPA’s Burnwise website.

European Biomass Technology Manufactured In Minnesota: An Interview With WoodMaster

Joel Haskard of Minnesota Clean Energy Resource Teams had a chance to chat with WoodMaster co-founder and President Chuck Gagner about their biomass boilers and furnaces, and the industry here in Minnesota. Read on to hear what Chuck had to say! Joel Haskard: How do you see the health of … [continued]

Top Eight Alternative Fuels

Gasoline and diesel are still fossil fuel kings of the fuel supply chain but alternative fuels are now swinging the scale more toward green. A growing number of people believe alternative fuels will have an expanded role in the cars and trucks of tomorrow. According to Larry West, such interest … [continued]