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My Top Apps For Electric Adventure

We all have different ideas of what’s fun. For some of us, almost everything we need to have fun lie within a few miles of home, and we only occasionally go further than that. For others, little regional trips are where it’s at. There are also people who love cruise … [continued]

Reality EV: Re-Boot

Back on November 25th, 2022, I wrote an article titled Reality EV Charging. To condense, it was about an evening out at the Corning Museum of Glass up in Corning, NY, and the EV charging experience that went along with it. The car driven for that night was a 2020 … [continued]

Electrifying the Mountain

In the hot and humid summer days, Queenslanders like to head to the beach or to the mountains to seek cooler, higher ground. We chose the higher ground in the Gold Coast hinterland, Mount Tamborine to be precise. We also wanted to check out progress in electrifying the mountain since … [continued]