"Plastic Atlas - The oceans absorb a quarter of anthropogenic greenhouse emissions. Pollution by microplastics may put the biological carbon pump at risk. More research is needed." by boellstiftung is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Recycling 3.0 & The Dilemma Of Microplastics

An expert in biogeochemistry explains that tiny plastics are showing up in crops and can be uptaken by plants into their tissues. What’s the next stop? Human digestive systems.

Materials recaptured for circular economic partnership with GENNEIA provided by Arq. Marcelo Parodi M.

Circular Economic Practices in Argentina

The call for circular economic practices to be used in conjunction with other aspects of the renewable energy transition has been gaining more attention within the U.S. and Europe. Projects in the U.S. such as circular economy for textiles and metrics and tools for sustainable buildings encourage industries to take … [continued]

Can The Oceans Survive An Unprecedented Influx Of Plastics?

Plastics are very appealing to people around the world. They’re important due to their daily use and functionality because they are the most versatile materials of contemporary times. They’re inexpensive, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, elastic, and have a durable composition. However, the influx of plastics entering the world’s oceans, without immediate action … [continued]