Midjourney-generated image of a bird's eye view of transmission grid.

Planning for PJM’s Grid of the Future Starts Today

PJM’s proposed long-term regional transmission planning marks a new way forward. How much it will deliver is still uncertain. It may be a new calendar year, but the US grid is facing many of the same challenges it did in 2023, including lengthy interconnection queue delays, a lag in transmission buildout, and accelerating fossil retirements. … [continued]

All times are in Central Standard Time. An energy emergency here encompasses energy emergency alerts (EEAs) and maximum generation warnings as declared by the regional system operators. DOE 202(c) Emergency Orders allow specific electric generating units within the region to operate at their maximum generation output levels and exceed pollution limits in order to maintain grid reliability. Sources: ERCOT, SPP Newsroom, MISO, PJM, NC Policy Watch, WBIR

Wasted Wind Energy & Tenable Transmission During Winter Storm Elliott

More wind energy and interregional transmission could have mitigated the impacts of rolling blackouts experienced during December’s winter storm.

5 Grid Plans to Cut Fossil Fuel Dependence

Replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy from wind and solar will depend on upgrading the electric power grid, which is currently plagued by planning delays and gridlock. To address such problems, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), which supervises utility company and grid operator planning, is in the midst of proposing … [continued]