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Solar-Powered Box Mountain Communications Tower Is 1st Of Its Kind — Uses PACE Financing

You may remember a story I wrote about William Cross around a year ago. The article was about how William was able to buy a Tesla Model 3 when he was 18, after getting to test drive his boss’s Model S. I noted in that article that William had just received his FAA license to fly drones at his job at Marcus Communications, where he currently works as a solutions engineer.

Clean Transport & Energy News Roundup (Jet Biofuel, Tow To Charge Tesla, Energy Storage, Hybrid…

In this edition of the clean transport and energy news roundup, we’ve got stories about a solar battle in Utah, a large energy storage facility in Sonoma County, public lands renewable energy rules, India’s $2 billion renewable energy equity fund, how many Gigafactories we’ll need for the clean energy transition, Chevy Bolt, hybrid Ferraris, the first commercial jet biofuel flight, and more.

Soap Operas & PACE Financing

Via our friends over at Vote Solar, and our need for the power of PACE financing to finally be unleashed across the US: Friends- It seems that soap operas did not, in fact, go away after the 80s. Because the ongoing saga of efforts to establish Property Assessed Clean Energy … [continued]

2 More Cities Join PACE Program

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing may be my favorite option by which people can go solar (or make energy efficiency or water efficiency upgrades, for that matter). One way in which this is being enabled is through the HERO Program. Over 40 California cities have implemented PACE financing in this … [continued]