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114th Congress Opens With Wrangling About Keystone XL

As newly elected members took their seats in Congress yesterday for the first time, Washington’s almighty kerfluffle about the Keystone XL pipeline resurfaced. Here’s some background. Calgary-based TransCanada proposed several years ago to send oil from the Canadian tar sands terminal at Hardisty, Alberta, via a small-diameter Keystone pipeline routed … [continued]

The water cycle with Ambient Power 400 (ambientwater.com)

Ambient Water To Install “Ambient Water 400” at Applied Cryo

As a field test for future applications in the oil and gas industry, Ambient Water (formerly AWG International) announced today that it will install an Ambient Water 400 atmospheric water generator at Applied Cryo Technologies’ Houston facility. Scalable and modular, the patented Ambient Water system cost-effectively extracts water from humidity … [continued]