ChatGPT & DALL-E generated panoramic image of a natural gas processing facility with methane emissions visible from various sources like flare stacks, stationary engines, and tanks

Natural Gas Isn’t Burning Nearly As Cleanly As We Thought

Remember those golden days when natural gas was a clean-burning bridge fuel, a nice way to reduce emissions as we ditched coal and switched to renewables? It was such a pleasant fantasy, while it lasted. Remember how the USA has a shared dream that it has world-beating emissions reductions because … [continued]

DALL.E creation by Carolyn Fortuna/CleanTechnica

Historic Funding to Plug Orphaned Oil & Gas Wells

Interior Department Announces Nearly $5 Million from President Biden’s Investing in America Agenda to Clean Up Legacy Pollution in Missouri Historic funding to plug orphaned oil and gas wells will address environmental and safety hazards, create good-paying jobs in communities across Missouri. WASHINGTON — The Department of the Interior today … [continued]

DALL.E graphic created by Carolyn Fortuna/CleanTechnica

State Energy Policy in a Land of New Federal Opportunity

Unprecedented new and expanded federal programs have fundamentally shifted the landscape of what’s economically and politically feasible for state policymakers, creating a massive opportunity for states to unlock wide-ranging benefits and attract billions in federal funds and private investment for their residents and businesses. Today, there are more reasons than … [continued]

Florida Gulf Coast where Ian hit. Image courtesy of Cynthia Shahan, CleanTechnica.

Coastal Chemistry Improves Methane Modeling

Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory are using a new modeling framework in conjunction with data collected from marshes in the Mississippi Delta to improve predictions of climate-warming methane and nitrous oxide emissions from soils in coastal ecosystems. Underlying processes such as sulfur cycling and influences like salinity in these … [continued]