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California Leads In Net-Zero Homes As Costs Drop

Half a dozen California cities are hosting enough net-zero homes to place the state in first place nationally among other states like Arizona where the net-zero trend is catching on rapidly, both among legislators and among leading homebuilders. This trend is expected to accelerate markedly over the coming decade, as the cost of adding net-zero features, including solar, drops by 50%.

California Requires Solar Panels On New Homes 5 Years After 1st California City Did

California can stand up against whatever flavor of the year Washington, D.C., tries to impose on the rest on the country. As the world’s 5th largest economy, it continues to push for renewable energy and electric vehicles despite an unruly political landscape that has slowed down cleaning up our pollution. Once more, California has forged ahead, with the latest news being that it is requiring most new homes to be solar energy ready.

ChargePoint, Itron, Meritage Homes, Southern Company, & Vivint Solar To Be Keynote Smart Energy Summit

DALLAS, Feb. 1, 2018 — Parks Associates announced today that executives from ChargePoint, Itron, Meritage Homes, Southern Company, and Vivint Solar will be the keynote speakers at the 9th annual Smart Energy Summit: Engaging the Consumer, February 19-21 in Austin, Texas. The conference examines the changing role of utilities and energy providers and new opportunities to empower consumers with … [continued]

A Promising Alliance: SunPower Corp & Meritage Homes

Originally published on the ECOreport SunPower Corp recently announced a three-year agreement to install solar panels at Meritage Homes’ communities nationwide. Meritage Homes Vice President of Environmental Affairs C.R. Herro said the deal could involve thousands of homes. Meritage built 4,238 homes in 2012 and Herro said it is currently building … [continued]

Net-Zero Solar Homes with $0 Electric Bills (& You Can Win One)

Well, this is outside the realm of what I normally cover, but this is pretty cool. A commercial home builder, Meritage Homes, has started offering net-zero, super-green homes. With a starting price of $140,000 and incomparable electric bills, these are affordable and green. With solar panels as part of the package, you don’t even have to go through the simple trouble of finding an installer and getting solar added — probably the biggest obstacle to people going solar.