Lux Research

Lux Research: Innovation Interest In Renewables Is Declining, Peak Occurred 4 Years Ago

Innovation interest in renewable energy tech has been declining in recent years, achieving a peak around 4 years ago, according to a recent analysis from Lux Research.

According to the market research firm, this means that the long-term growth trajectory of the market is “thrown into question” — further “innovation momentum” is necessary for continued tech improvements to occur.

Recycling EV Batteries More Cost-Competitive Than Using For Home Energy Storage — Lux Research Echoes…

It makes more sense from an economic standpoint to recycle old plug-in electric vehicle batteries than to reuse them directly for home energy storage, according to a new report from Lux Research. The primary reason? According to Lux Research, reused plug-in electric vehicle batteries will “deliver questionable returns on account of reduced performance, limiting them to application with less frequent and shallower depth of discharge cycles.”

30% Of The World’s Vehicles Will Use Renewables By 2030

Originally published on the ECOreport. We already possess sufficient clean alternatives to take over from most fossil fuels, except the world’s economies are market driven. Clean technologies need to be competitively priced before mass adoption is possible. Some argue this will change as the true cost of fossil fuels becomes more evident. A new Lux Research … [continued]

A $10 Billion Per Anno EV Market

Originally published on the ECOreport. Michel Langezaal believes that electric cars could replace gas cars, as the vehicle of choice, within a decade. The tipping point will come after they have more range and are competitively priced. He said, “History shows us that once you hit 5% or 6%, if the product … [continued]