JP Morgan

Good News: Business Flights from Global Firms Cut in Half Since Pre-COVID Times

But some companies are already edging closer to pre-Covid levels of flying, including pharmaceutical companies Merck and Johnson & Johnson, and financial giant JP Morgan Chase, new analysis by the Travel Smart campaign shows. Just under half of the world’s biggest companies did not return to 2019 levels of flying … [continued]

3 Banks Funding Fossil Fuels The Most Keep Telling You To Sell Tesla Stock [TSLA]

A few weeks ago, thanks to a friendly Tesla fan on Twitter, The Guardian, and Rainforest Action Network, I shared the news that the top 3 banks funding fossil fuel development also — through a different arm — are providing bearish forecasts for Tesla [TSLA] and recommending traders sell the stock rather than buy it. The update this week: despite a surprise profit in quarter 3 and much of the market swinging in the other direction, the Tesla analysts at these top 3 fossil fuel funders are holding steady on their bearish stance and recommendation to sell.

Electric Cars Coming Quickly, Will Disrupt Bunch Of Industries, JP Morgan Forecasts

By now, everyone who’s paying attention understands that fossil fuel vehicles are going to be replaced by electric vehicles. However, there’s a wide gulf of disagreement about the timeline. Those who make their living in the oil and auto industries tend to see the transition happening in their grandchildren’s time, while some in the EV and renewable energy fields predict that it will all be over by 2030.

Proterra Raises $140 Million In Series 5 Funding Round For Production Boost

The heavy-duty electric bus firm Proterra recently secured $140 million in new funding through a recent Series 5 funding round. These new funds, which were raised in partnership with the financial industry giant JP Morgan, will reportedly be used for the “dramatic” acceleration of production capacity on both coasts of the US, as well as the continuing development of next-gen electric vehicle offerings.