Tesla Analysts — Uno Reverse, The Q4 Report Cards (+ Livestream)

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UNO reverse, that is what this feels like! In this case, that means we analyze the analysts. This is the 4th edition of our Tesla analyst report cards, based on where their TSLA price targets and sell/hold/buy advice would lead you (based on information from tools like tipranks, marketbeat, and other research).

Luckily, now that Tesla mostly answers questions from retail and institutional investors via say.com on its earnings calls, these analysts’ influence on earnings calls has been diminished and people listening to (or watching) the Tesla earnings calls are saved from some of the most “boneheaded questions.” Nonetheless, some of the big players on the stock market respond to analysts, and when they raise or lower their price target or rating, the stock responds, sometimes quite drastically. Hence, for anyone who wants to understand TSLA, knowing what this bunch is thinking can be useful.

This quarter, the report includes 29 analysts that have either updated their TSLA price target since the start of Q3, have made a public comment in that time, or are likely to appear on the call despite the fact that they haven’t updated their price target or don’t set price targets at all. The analyst cards are sorted from most bearish to most bullish, and this quarter there is at least one big surprise, Toni Sacconaghi from Bernstein.

Frank Schwoppe — yes, he is a Bear. The only reason why he is on this list is because he made a public comment about Tesla. There is a good chance that if he had updated his price target, he wouldn’t be the lowest on the list, but who knows.

On to the most stubborn bear of bears. At the moment, the bear population is plentiful, but only because the stock has soared so high in such a short period. However, the skeptical bear is a dying breed for sure — only 3 or 4 of them left out of 37.

Toni Sacconaghi is a well respected analyst with a very good success rate. The result of his TSLA return is because he didn’t recommend a buy rating (as far as our records go back), and he then made a lot of calls to hold and then finally to sell. Technically, his advice is sound and that TSLA return is undeserved, but those are just the numbers. What is sad is that his price ratings are now so low. This is a rather rare case of a bull turning into a bear who thinks Tesla was undervalued in the past but is overvalued now. There are a ton of other bulls who have technically turned bearish but only because the stock has soared faster than they could keep up, or because they simply don’t know what course the stock will take next.

The case of a bear turns slightly less bearish?

The comment Stuart Pearson made is certainly one of the more unusual ones I ran across this quarter.

This bear hasn’t exactly turned bullish, but his price target is at least not as detached from reality as it used to be.

Dan Galves and Rod Lache might not have put out public comments this quarter, but they do often appear on earnings calls. Lately the price targets were set by Rod, but either is quite likely to appear on the earnings call.

This bear too hasn’t exactly turned bullish, but his price target is at least not as detached from reality as it used to be.

Ever since Adam Jonas said TSLA could reach a value of $10 (pre-split), a comment that made the stock plummet, we placed his bear icon upside down. We’re not sure if it’s dead, falling off a cliff, or playing possum, but at this point we are too afraid to ask.

Longtime bull Pierre Ferragu is an analyst who usually has good insight into TSLA. Unfortunately, because of his accent, most people end up missing what he tried to say. Pierre regularly appears on investor calls and is a likely candidate to appear this time as well.

Evercore has gone through 3 analysts for TSLA in the period of just one year. However, it appears Chris McNally is still in charge of TSLA over there and has finally updates his price target this quarter.

Out of the 3 bears who have turned bullish, this is perhaps the best example. This is the very first time when I have seen an analyst actually go out of their way to admit they were wrong.

Ben Kallo has often appeared on earnings calls and there is a good chance he will show up this time as well.

The story of bear who turns bullish. However, having a new opinion for just one quarter does not turn them into a bull just yet.

Philippe Houchois is another analyst who often appears on Tesla’s earnings calls.

It is still unforgettable that Goldman Sachs used to be one of the biggest TSLA bears — that is, until they got rid of David Tamberino and put Mark Delaney in charge of TSLA. Now the firm is among the top bulls.

While his TSLA returns aren’t all that high, in general, he is oftentimes correct with his assessment of the company, and he has always been bullish. He has on occasion appeared on earnings calls, but is not among the most likely to appear on the earnings call.

This is the story of a bear turning bullish. You might notice he still has a bear sign. Technically that is correct because his TSLA price target is below what the stock price is currently at. Perhaps next time we can remove the bear badge. Dan Levy also often appears on the investor calls and is a likely candidate to appear this time as well. So far, his questions show that he doesn’t appear to understand Tesla even if he does speak well of the company nowadays. We’ll see this time.

Emmanuel Rosner is usually bullish and also often appears on earnings calls.

The highest TSLA rating out there! In a time when people are uncertain which way the stock will go, this for sure is a bold statement. There is a good chance Colin Rusch will appear on the earnings call.

Gene Munster might not have a price target for TSLA, but he does often appear on calls.

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