Jefferies Practically Doubles Its Price Target On Tesla [TSLA]

Jefferies just came pretty close to doubling its price target on Tesla, CNBC has reported. Analyst Philippe Houchois raised Tesla’s price target to what is known as a “Street high.” This number is $1,200 and it is a jump from the previous target of $650. The belief is that COVID-19, the disease that many thought was going to harm Tesla and its stock, did the opposite. It accelerated the transition to EVs and renewables.

Increased Tesla Chatter Around The Wall Street Water Cooler — #Pravduh About #Tesla Report 14

As the title implies, the bulls and bears are back, even if the amount of “vocal” bears have diminished in numbers. At first glance, this might not be very visible. After all, there is less negative news this week. However, if you check the recurring headlines chart, the number of articles related to the stock market has gone up significantly. That doesn’t even include the articles that mention that Tesla might choose to pay off debt with stock.