International Energy Agency (IEA)

Oh, Those (Too) Big EVs

The International Energy Agency’s Global EV Outlook 2024 is full of interesting statistics and interpretations, as it is every year. Of particular interest are its conclusions on the benefits of and problems with big EVs. The report starts by giving an update on EV sales. Almost 14 million new EVs … [continued]

DALL·E generated image of an army of identical batteries swarm a shipping port.

The Rise of Batteries in 6 Charts & Not Too Many Numbers

The unstoppable rise of batteries is leading to a domino effect that puts half of global fossil fuel demand at risk. Battery demand is growing exponentially, driven by a domino effect of adoption that cascades from country to country and from sector to sector. This battery domino effect is set … [continued]

An international partnership between Norwegian and U.S. researchers could help modernize the world’s biggest source of renewable energy—hydropower—and answer the question: How can hydropower help fight climate change? Photo by Bryan Bechtold, NREL

Hydropower Is Global. Should Hydropower Research Be, Too?

Why U.S. and Norway Experts Are Partnering Up To Explore How This Renewable Could Help the World Transition to Clean Energy When Dany Tome first arrived at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL’s) campus in Golden, Colorado, he did not notice the golden grasses waving from the hillsides or the … [continued]