Greenlane Announces 280-Mile Commercial EV Charging Corridor From Los Angeles To Las Vegas

Greenlane’s initial corridor sites will be located on Interstate 15 in Colton, Barstow and Baker, California, with additional sites to connect the corridor to Southern Nevada and San Pedro, California. The Colton flagship site will include 60 charging stations for heavy-, medium- and light-duty zero-emissions vehicles (ZEVs). As the demand … [continued]

Daimler Trucks, NextEra, & Blackrock Form Heavy-Duty Charging Company

Medium- and heavy-duty electric trucks, like any electric vehicle, require charging infrastructure that is both accessible and effective. However, charging infrastructure for these vehicles presents a bigger challenge than that of smaller electric vehicles due to their larger size and greater power requirements. Firstly, medium- and heavy-duty electric trucks typically … [continued]