Two Chevrolet Volts charging at a ChargePoint station in El Paso, Texas, image by Jennifer Sensiba

Why PHEVs Like GM’s Next Volt Need At Least 60 Miles Of Real EV Range

With recent news that GM is going to re-introduce plugin hybrids in 2027, it’s likely that the company is still figuring out the design. So, I wanted to offer some unsolicited advice GM and everyone else going back to PHEVs need to think as they put new designs together and … [continued]

The Global Automaker Rating 2023: Who Is Leading The Transition To Electric Vehicles?

As The Transition To Electric Vehicles Continues, Which Automakers Will Keep Pace? There are big improvements in technology performance, but room to expand on ZEV models offered. Washington, D.C. — Today, the International Council on Clean Transportation released its annual assessment of automaker’s progress transitioning to zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs). The … [continued]