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Fox News Likes Low-Cost Electric Vehicle Technology

  Not that they’re going soft on us, but Fox recently featured an article on low-cost electric vehicle technology, and it’s just the kind of news we like to see here at CleanTechnica: good news about emerging clean technology that could break through the affordability barrier. The article profiled a company called Simbol Materials, … [continued]

Top-Rated Raceway Gives the Green Light to Recycled Oil

EcoPower recycled oil has just been named the official oil of Virginia International Raceway, one of the top-rated tracks in the U.S., so if you had any doubts that the green revolution is sweeping into the mainstream, this ought to help put them to rest. VIR is making a big deal out of this deal, which it sealed in time to kick off its inaugural VIR 240 American Le Mans Series this week […]