Midjourney generated image of bubbles of greenhouse gases over the earth.

Trump Promises Oil & Gas Execs Free Rein — If They Contribute $1 Billion To…

Donald Trump has made a prophet out of Bruce Cain, a political scientist at Stanford. Four weeks ago, he told New York Times contributor Thomas Edsall that some of the conservative victories in campaign finance law — particularly Citizens United — have strengthened “the power of elected officials to coerce … [continued]

Image courtesy of ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil Aims To Be Top Lithium Supplier For Electric Vehicles, Drills 1st Lithium Well

ExxonMobil has just announced that it aims to be a top lithium producer and supplier for the electric vehicle (EV) battery industry by 2030, and it is just now getting to work on its first lithium well. This first lithium production site is in southwest Arkansas, which is a lithium-rich region. … [continued]