EV costs

Vinfast electric car being produced in Vietnam. Photo by Kyle Field | CleanTechnica.

Is All The Anti-EV Sales Hype Driving Costs Down Faster?

There are multiple things going on at once here. First of all, the big big picture is that electric car sales have grown enormously in the past decade, far more and far faster than almost all conventional industry analysts and insiders expected. Secondly, growth right at this moment is a … [continued]

Image courtesy of Geely Panda Mini EV

Carmakers Failing to Deliver Affordable Electric Cars, Holding Back EV Adoption — Analysis

Just 17% of electric cars sold in Europe are compact vehicles in the cheaper B segment, compared to 37% of new combustion engines, new analysis finds. Carmakers are slowing EV adoption by prioritising sales of larger, more expensive electric cars, according to Transport & Environment (T&E), which conducted the research. Only 40 fully electric models were launched in the compact segments (A and B) between 2018 and 2023 compared to 66 large and luxury models (D and E), according to the report.

The World Needs Commercial Electric Vehicles Now

Financing and clean energy leadership from companies such as Ideanomics* point toward a future of decreasing carbon emissions alongside reliable economic growth. Commercial EV conversion offers a way to significantly help the environment. It should be supported legislatively in order to smooth the necessary transition away from fossil fuels in every developed country in the world. China can lead the way.

10+ Years in Cleantech

A decade ago, wind power was already basically cost-competitive with conventional power sources, utility-scale solar was significantly more expensive but starting to bloom, and electric vehicles were hardly a blip on the horizon and basically unknown to most of us. How did that change in the past 10 years?