Graphic courtesy of Michigan DOT

Electrified Roads Are Coming To Michigan

Innovations in the electric vehicle (EV) world continue to amaze onlookers. Maximizing regenerative braking. The continual development of battery technology. Shared and connected transport systems. The growth of EVs has also infused a new focus on charging infrastructure and the deployment of wireless charging technology on pavements. Also known as … [continued]

50 VinFast Stores Opening In Europe, 800 Electric Double-Deck Buses for Ireland, 2nd Life Batteries…

As VinFast,  a Vietnamese EV company, announced its plan to open more than 50 stores across France, Germany, and Netherland at EVS35, the Audi Environmental Foundation went into the third project phase with nonprofit startup Nunam on electric rickshaws. Battery modules from Audi e-tron test vehicles are electrifying rickshaws in … [continued]