How Would James Bond Act?

There are many stories — real and imaginary — that help us to value calm action in the face of great challenges. Almost definitely, you have enjoyed some of these stories and characters. Think: James Bond, Luke Skywalker, Yu Shu Lien, Jackie Brown, Steph Curry, Michael Jordan, Jesus, Lao-Tzu, etc. We respect … [continued]

We’ll Get What We Deserve…

The people who put together the political system that the United States is based on did a pretty dern good job of it. Sure, it would have been swell if they had inserted some details on how to modify certain aspects of the system once computers, the internet, and Big … [continued]

Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders vs Martin O’Malley (Climate Plans Chart) A Few Months Later

Back in August, I shared a chart CleanTechnica posted from ThinkProgress regarding the climate-related plans Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Martin O’Malley. The issues mentioned concern the country’s (and the planet’s, as well) ecological well-being. In the same commentary, Scott Cooney predicted that, “Making this public now, early in the primaries, is a necessary step, and I think it … [continued]