Use of Electricity in Houses to Grow More Quickly in Developing Economies

In our International Energy Outlook (IEO2021) Reference case, we project that residential buildings outside the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) will consume more electricity than all residential and commercial buildings combined in OECD countries by 2050. However, people in non-OECD countries will, on average, still consume less than half … [continued]

Building Codes: Simple Energy Savings

  In energy policy, lawmakers often prefer carrots to sticks because it minimizes the opposition. But mandatory rules, like building energy codes, can save energy and pay back several times over during the useful life of buildings. The state of Illinois is poised to become a regional leader by adopting … [continued]

Polar Bear Commercial [VIDEO]

Have you seen this excellent, beautiful, and clever Nissan LEAFTM commercial yet? I just watched it, and as you can tell from my question, I am a fan. It nails several key issues: It connects to people’s sense of empathy and care, by showing a beautiful, homeless polar bear; It … [continued]