Zero-Emission Zones Are Helping Some Cities Fight Pollution

With growing urban populations and increases in cars, trucks and buses, cities are poised to experience more harmful pollution threatening people’s health and livelihoods. But some cities around the world are turning to an emerging solution called zero-emission zones (ZEZs). These are designated small areas of about 1.5 square miles to 11 square miles … [continued]

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Solar-Powered Battery Swap Stations Could Speed Rwanda’s Shift to Electric “Motos”

Like many parts of Africa, motorcycles are the most popular form of transportation among Rwanda’s 13.3 million people. Whether they’re commuting to work or school, transporting jugs of water from the local taps, or just running everyday errands, people on “motos” can be found zipping up and down most busy … [continued]

SLOPE can show how energy and transportation burdens vary across a jurisdiction’s census tracts. Image from SLOPE with editing by Fred Zietz, NREL

SLOPE Illustrates Opportunities in Philadelphia’s Equitable Carbon Neutrality Quest

The city of Philadelphia has pledged carbon neutrality by 2050, and the State and Local Planning for Energy (SLOPE) Platform is illustrating opportunities to reach that goal equitably. Access to clean energy benefits is inequitable across the nation, and Philadelphia is no exception. Philadelphia is one of the most energy-burdened … [continued]

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Cascaded Geothermal Heating & Cooling Networks for Industry, Trade & Residential Buildings

The NEFI research project CASCADE is developing concepts for supplying two municipalities and two industrial enterprises in Austria with geothermal heat The cascaded use of geothermal heat creates valuable synergies, allowing entire regions to be supplied with locally available, renewable heat  The NEFI project CASCADE, which runs for the next … [continued]

A Tesla Semi heavy-duty electric truck. Photo courtesy of Tesla.

Climate Mayors Urge Biden Administration to Finalize the Strongest Possible Standards for Heavy-Duty Vehicles to…

75 members of the Climate Mayors organization and Electrification Coalition urge President Biden to protect public health, address the climate crisis, and align with the heavy-duty vehicle industry’s commitment to transition to zero-emission vehicles Today, 75 members of Climate Mayors sent a letter urging the Biden Administration to finalize the … [continued]

Bumper-to-bumper traffic jams the I-25 corridor in Denver, Colorado. Photo by Dennis Schroeder, NREL.

The Economist Is Wrong to Claim Car-Addicted US Cities Are More Accessible Than Europe’s, Here’s…

“In praise of America’s car addiction – How vehicle-dependence makes the country fairer and more efficient” was a headline in The Economist last November. The opposite is true. Findings, cited by The Economist, as well as from other studies, show the contrary. The Economist concluded that American cities-centres are more accessible than Europe’s. However, … [continued]

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Public Transport for All: How to Unlock Climate & Development Benefits from Sustainable Mobility

Public transport provides a myriad of benefits that can help countries reach climate and development goals. There’s no better solution to moving large numbers of people efficiently, cheaply, and sustainably. Electric buses emit less than half as much carbon as fossil fuel-burning private cars per passenger per kilometer traveled. Quality … [continued]