The Sun Shines in South America: Colombia & Brazil Give Large Boost to Solar Deployment

South America has a lot of sun and a lot of space, and solar energy has grown from a small player to the main driver of generation growth in several countries in the region (making their already clean grids even cleaner). Today we look at the grids of Chile, Brazil, and Colombia, all of which have already made solar a cornerstone of their generation or are working to do so in the near future.

Image courtesy of Coradir.

Latin America 2023 EV Sales Report, Part 1: The Laggards (Argentina, Perú, Ecuador, Chile, Dominican…

We’re back with our report on EV sales in Latin America! There are some novelties, but, contrary to my expectations, the distance between the laggards and the leaders is actually increasing: this means that the first part of the report will be full of bad (or, at best, “meh”) news, … [continued]

Drone image from Colbun energy storage site in Chile. Image courtesy of Wärtsilä.

Argentina & Chile: A Tale of Two Countries

Mimicking renewable policies is the highest form of flattery While not traditionally held up as a pinnacle of renewable energy development, Chile has quietly become a leader in South America for developing environmental policy and attracting renewable investment. With the amount of solar and wind energy eclipsing coal for the … [continued]

At COP28, Net Zero World Showcases Progress in Transforming Emerging Energy Economies

Announces new partnerships on energy decarbonization modeling, investment mobilization, and battery energy storage systems and launches next cohort of Climate Smart Women Energy Leaders DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES — During the 28th Conference of the Parties to the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, the United States and Net Zero … [continued]