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This map shows mean (average) net emissions and removals of carbon dioxide from 2015 to 2020 using estimates informed by NASA’s OCO-2 satellite measurements. Countries where more carbon dioxide was removed than emitted appear as green depressions, while countries with higher emissions are tan or red and appear to pop off the page. Credit: NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio,

U.S. DOE Announces $1.2 Million To Accelerate America’s Carbon Dioxide Removal Industry

Twenty-four Semifinalists Selected for DOE Historic Carbon Dioxide Removal Purchase Prize Will Create a Just and Sustainable Framework for Scalable Carbon Management and Help Develop a Carbon Dioxide Purchasing Market to Encourage Technology Innovation WASHINGTON, D.C. — As part of President Biden’s Investing in America agenda, the U.S. Department of … [continued]

Image credit: Carbonfuture

Carbonfuture Launches Carbon Removal Sensor Suite Partnership With Syncraft & Others

Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) has taken another leap forward as a viable & scalable solution towards meeting the net-zero emission goals set by the Paris Agreement. Carbonfuture, the leading Trust Infrastructure for durable carbon removal, has announced a CDR sensor suite which will find its first implementation through a tracking … [continued]

Carbonfuture Partners With Ceezer To Streamline Access For Large Corporates Into Carbon Removal

Carbonfuture has announced a partnership to provide its Carbon Removal Infrastructure to CEEZER, a digital platform for large-scale carbon credit procurement and management. The collaboration is set to integrate Carbonfuture’s inventory of vetted durable carbon removal credits onto CEEZER’s platform, opening up access for its corporate clients. Carbonfuture has the … [continued]

Carbonfuture’s First Carbon Removal Conference Brought Together Leaders Across the Carbon Removal Industry

Carbon removal and MRV platform Carbonfuture hosted its first carbon removal conference in Basel in April. The primary objective of the event was to accelerate and scale high-quality, trustworthy carbon removal. The event was a carefully curated gathering of top innovators and experts in the carbon removal space, organized by … [continued]

The ocean may offer potential carbon removal options, like seaweed cultivation, that could also have ecological benefits. Photo by the National Parks Service

6 Ways to Remove Carbon Pollution from the Atmosphere

Since the Industrial Revolution, humans have emitted more than 2,000 gigatons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. (A gigaton is one billion metric tons.) This concentration of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the air causes the climate change impacts we’re experiencing today, from forest fires to stifling heat waves … [continued]