carbon removal

Carbon Removal Startup InPlanet Raises €1.2m In Pre-Seed Funding To Scale Enhanced Rock Weathering Projects

German-Brazilian green tech startup InPlanet has raised €1.2 million from climate investors in a pre-seed funding round. Founded in August 2022 and only recently out of stealth mode, InPlanet is pioneering the use of Enhanced Rock Weathering technology, with the goal of achieving large-scale CO2 removal from the atmosphere. Enhanced … [continued]

Carbonfuture & South Pole Partner For Carbon Removal Projects Around The World

Carbonfuture has announced a new partnership with Swiss climate consultancy South Pole, with the goal of maximizing the scalability and efficiency of its global CDR projects. Carbonfuture is a fully digitized end-to-end carbon removal platform. Current customers include Microsoft, with the target of helping the tech conglomerate achieve its pledge … [continued]

Carbonfuture Announces Catalyst for Carbon Removal, Partnering With Heimdal, Lithos, Ucaneo

Carbonfuture has launched a new program called Catalyst, partnering with upcoming carbon removal companies for no-strings-attached carbon credit pre-purchases and methodology support. The first 3 companies which have joined the program and received such pre-purchases are: Heimdal, Lithos Carbon, and Ucaneo. The UN’s climate panel has stated the essential role … [continued]