How BlackRock & Vanguard Can Advance the Net-Zero Emissions Movement

Originally published on WRI’s Resource Institute Blog. By Giulia Christianson, Ariel Pinchot, and Yili Wu The movement to achieve net-zero global greenhouse gas emissions, is gaining traction and coherence, especially in the world of finance. In late March, BlackRock and Vanguard — the two largest asset managers on the planet — joined a growing … [continued]

Institutional Investors Are Running Away From Big Oil, & Towards The “Safe Haven” Of Clean…

The global transition from fossil fuels to clean energy isn’t going to happen because it’s the best choice for human health and the environment. Observing the way humans have responded to the current pandemic should put to rest any delusions about our propensity to “do the right thing.” No, companies and investors will abandon polluting energy sources when they become convinced that it’s the profitable thing to do.

Why Is Samsung Still In Coal When Everyone Else Is Moving Towards Clean Energy?

2020 has been called a defining moment to fight the climate crisis, and many tech companies are amping up their efforts to do so. This year, Apple announced that it would cut its emissions by 75 percent and become carbon neutral by 2030. Amazon made a similar pledge, saying it would become carbon neutral by 2040, and set a goal of running 100% percent on renewables by 2025.