Battery Swapping

ChatGPT and DALL-E generated panoramic image of a robotic arm taking a battery off the back of a truck

Data On Battery Swapping For Heavy & Light Vehicles Is Nuanced

A few days ago I published a reaction to a set of reactions to an article on the plummeting cost of batteries and how they enable megawatt scale charging. What were the reactions about? Battery swapping, which many people seem to think is the bees knees and should be everywhere. … [continued]

ChatGPT & DALL-E generated panoramic image of shipping container covered with computer circuitry and sparks being winched into a container ship at a shipping terminal

EV Battery Swapping Will Have Some Big Niches But Mostly Won’t Be Used

Every time I publish anything on electric vehicles, the battery swapping fans come out of the woodwork. It’s remarkable that there is barely any battery swapping being done with electric vehicles today and yet some people think every EV of every scale will be treating the most expensive component as … [continued]

Images courtesy of Bboxx

Bboxx Wants To Scale Its Reach 10X To Benefit 36 Million People By 2028

Bboxx is a data-driven super platform that is working to help transform lives by unlocking potential through connecting consumers and deploying innovative products across Africa. Following its successful acquisition of solar energy frontrunner PEG Africa in 2022, Bboxx is now positively impacting the lives of more than 3.6 million people … [continued]

Image courtesy of Powerhive

Solar-Powered Battery Swap Stations Could Speed Rwanda’s Shift to Electric “Motos”

Like many parts of Africa, motorcycles are the most popular form of transportation among Rwanda’s 13.3 million people. Whether they’re commuting to work or school, transporting jugs of water from the local taps, or just running everyday errands, people on “motos” can be found zipping up and down most busy … [continued]

Images courtesy of Liquidstar

Liquidstar’s Micro Data Center & Battery Swapping Waypoint Station Is Now Up & Running In…

Liquidstar’s 3rd micro data center and full spectrum utility center, also called a Waypoint, is now up and running in Djibouti. The Waypoint was installed in August 2023 and started operations in October. Liquidstar wants to use micro data centers to help address Africa’s compute and data sovereignty gap, while … [continued]