Valeria La Saponara, a professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, has a vision to develop compostable, ecologically sound wind turbine blades from bamboo and mycelium. (Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis)

A Sustainable Solution: Compostable Wind Turbine Blades

Blades Made From Bamboo and Mycelium Could Keep a Growing Number of Wind Blades Out of Landfills It is the year 2035. In a world facing climate catastrophe, the human enterprise is powered by fields of wind farms, with turbine blades made from fast-growing grasses and the roots of a … [continued]

Mutenga Bamboo Introduces A New Range of Bamboo Toothpicks, Pens, & Cooking & Heating Briquettes…

According to Zimbabwe’s Environmental Management Agency (EMA), the major contributors to deforestation are: Tobacco curing Energy provisions Land clearing for various land uses including agriculture. Tobacco remains one of Zimbabwe’s major foreign currency earners, along with gold and nickel. The levels of deforestation mean that a serious forest preservation and … [continued]

Banking On Bamboo

This is Part 2 of a two-part (or perhaps three-part), multi-site series about Santa Clara University’s 2013 Solar Decathlon house, Radiant House. Read Part 1 here. By Brian Grau Our team of Santa Clara University students is out to prove that bamboo is more than just a snack for Pandas — it could … [continued]

Clean Transport Link Bonanza!

  Following up on our solar power link bonanza and wind power + other cleantech link bonanza, here’s a clean transport link bonanza to catch the other major clean car and bike stories we didn’t cover this past week: Clean (or Cleaner) Cars Stanford’s 2012-2013 Solar Car Project Is Getting … [continued]

Yuba Bikes Up the Ante on Green Style

Pedaling around town with a couple reusable bags full of organic produce or your ecofriendly sweetheart never looked as good as it does on Yuba’s Boda Boda Cargo Cruiser. This stylish bike bills itself as as lightweight, comfortable, and easy-to-ride bicycle capable of transporting cargo of various weight and length … [continued]