ChatGPT & DALLE generated panoramic, cutaway image that illustrates a stalk of corn acting as a natural conveyor belt for carbon

CCS Redux: Soil Carbon Capture — Great Loamy Hope Or Bandaid?

Carbon capture and sequestration in all of its various ineffective, inefficient and expensive forms is having another run up the hype cycle. Nothing has really changed. The problems still exist. The alternatives are still better. The potential for use is still minuscule. And so, the CCS Redux series, republishing old … [continued]

Indiana has been drifting around in the solar power doldrums, but it is poised to lead the transition to agrivoltaics throughout the US agriculture industry (photo courtesy of Lightsource bp).

Hoosiers To Lead Rural Solar Power Revolution

Indiana has been drifting around in the solar power doldrums, but it is poised to lead the transtition to agrivoltaics throughout the US agricultural industry.

"Colorado River from Moab Rim" by U.S. Geological Survey is marked with Public Domain Mark 1.0.

What’s The Best Way To Allocate Colorado River Water Rights?

The Colorado River runs 1,450 miles and serves 40 million people across 7 western US states. It reaches tribal lands and continues on into Mexico. Its waters make a multi-billion-dollar agricultural industry possible. For decades, drought in the West has been intensified by climate change, rising demand, and overuse; the … [continued]

The transformative power of drones is reshaping modern warfare and accelerating the clean energy transition (photo courtesy of Draganfly).

The Transformative Power Of Drones Has Only Just Begun

Drones are changing the ground under our feet. Their game-changing use in warfare has been highlighted by Russia’s murderous invasion of Ukraine, but they are also accelerating the clean energy landscape in new and impactful ways. For some insights into both areas, CleanTechnica recently spoke with Cameron Chell, CEO and … [continued]