A Better Route Planner

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My Top Apps For Electric Adventure

We all have different ideas of what’s fun. For some of us, almost everything we need to have fun lie within a few miles of home, and we only occasionally go further than that. For others, little regional trips are where it’s at. There are also people who love cruise … [continued]

A Better Route Planner & Other Open Source Projects Need Our Help

A Better Route Planner (ABRP) is a great way to plan trips in electric vehicles. Not only does it help Tesla owners like it was originally designed to, but owners of an increasing number of other vehicles can use it to find their way nearly anywhere without using a drop of gas. When I used it on a recent road trip in my Nissan LEAF, I found that it worked great whenever it had complete data available. Unfortunately, the other open source projects it relies on need your help to make ABRP all it can be.

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range vs. Best of the Rest – Which Affordable EV to…

In the coming months, with some timing and volume variations by region, you will be able to choose from many affordable, generous range, compelling, and all-around-capable EVs that are coming on to the market. Whilst the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range is arguably the most keenly anticipated of the bunch, all of these EVs are great cars, much better than any fossil fuel vehicle (FFV) equivalent.