Solar Panels

Staff from NREL and GRID Alternatives Colorado install rooftop solar panels during a volunteer event. Residential solar PV installations like these can benefit from NREL’s free SolarAPP+ automated permitting software. Photo by Joe DelNero, NREL.

SolarAPP+ Has Cut 150,000 Business Days of Solar Permitting Process

15,400 Hours of Staff Time Saved and Projects Installed 14 Days Sooner With Automated Solar Permitting Platform Across the United States, rooftop photovoltaic (PV) installations continue to grow, with over 671,000 installs in 2022—and final numbers are expected to be even higher in 2023. Local governments must permit each installation, checking … [continued]

Photo courtesy of Argonne National Laboratory.

Dual Harvest: Agrivoltaics Boost Food & Energy Production in Asia

Every autumn morning at an aquaculture site near the mouth of the Yellow River in China’s Dongying City, Shandong Province, farmers begin packaging shrimp for their customers. Their harvest is increasingly more bountiful thanks to an innovative way of farming that integrates renewable energy into agriculture. Here, solar photovoltaic (PV) … [continued]

DuraMAT researchers conduct outdoor photoluminescence testing of installed PV modules, testing a high-throughput method of checking module health without needing to disconnect the PV system. Image courtesy of NREL.

DuraMAT Forecasts How New Photovoltaic Module Technologies Might Perform Over 20, 30, Or 50 Years

As the Solar Industry Grows Rapidly, Materials, Designs, and Solar Panels Are Changing Quickly For the solar photovoltaics (PV) industry, rapid growth can produce rapid—and sometimes unpredictable—changes. As the industry continued to see a major period of growth in 2023, the Durable Module Materials (DuraMAT) Consortium seized the opportunity to … [continued]