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Rogier van Rooij Optimistic, eager to learn and strongly committed to society's well-being, Rogier van Rooij focuses his coverage on major cleantech developments in Western Europe. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Utrecht University, Rogier is currently pursuing his Msc in Economics at the University of Bonn, Germany.

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World’s Foremost Central Banks Discuss Carbon Bubble & Divestment

April 8th, 2018 | by Rogier van Rooij

What risks does climate change pose to the stability of financial institutions? What role can and should supervisors play in mitigating these risks? These increasingly pressing questions were topics of discussion in Amsterdam on Friday, where 200 central bankers and financial supervisors from over 30 countries gathered during the first ever International Climate Risk Conference

Renewables In The Netherlands: Among European Rearguard Despite Rosy Growth Figures

January 25th, 2018 | by Rogier van Rooij

During the past few months, several institutions have released rather optimistic numbers about the energy transition in the Netherlands. Although substantial wind power additions were realized, and solar growth is accelerating, overall performance is still amongst the worst in the European Union, with the Netherlands now lagging firmly behind its renewable energy targets

Why New Parking Facilities Should Be Recyclable

November 16th, 2017 | by Rogier van Rooij

On the 13nd of November, the Netherlands' first sustainable parking garage opened. Taking the concept of sustainability in its broadest meaning, the facility is not just operating at zero energy emissions, but has also been constructed in a recycling-friendly way. In light of the monumental transformation that is about to reshape the car market, the ease with which the facility’s components can be reused might turn out to be its most valuable feature

Price Of Solar Panels Keeps Falling In The Netherlands

October 8th, 2017 | by Rogier van Rooij

The cost of solar power has never been lower. This is reflected by installations — massive projects are under construction around the globe and a record-breaking 74 gigawatts of installations were completed in 2016. Although this growth is unequally distributed over different countries and dominated by utility-scale solar farms, the smaller-scale residential segment has contributed a fair share. The main driver of growth, continuously dropping costs, is incentivizing companies and individuals alike to go solar. Certainly, this is what has been going on in the Netherlands

Netherlands’ Airports Switching 100% To Wind Energy

August 22nd, 2017 | by Rogier van Rooij

On January the 1st of 2017, Dutch National Railway company NS made a monumental step towards a world in which we no longer compromise the wellbeing of future generations for the sake of our own livelihood. NS is switching to wind energy from newly erected wind farms for transporting all of its 600,000 daily passengers, which is leading to the company cutting carbon emissions equivalent to the electricity consumption of the entire population of Amsterdam — 1.2 billion kWh a year! This bold move worked out great for the company’s public image, as it was featured in news outlets around the globe. NS found itself being widely lauded as exemplary for how companies can contribute to reducing a country’s carbon footprint

Clean Air Now For Sale In South Korea

June 30th, 2017 | by Rogier van Rooij

Clean, fresh air. Those who are fortunate enough to live in parts of the world where pollution levels have not gone insane yet will barely be aware of its exceptional value, but those living in places where there just doesn’t seem to be such a thing as leaving the house without ruining your respiratory system know its virtue. Interesting news in that regard involves South Korea

Oil Platforms As Part Of Large-Scale North Sea Renewable Energy Generation

May 15th, 2017 | by Rogier van Rooij

The more than 1400 oil and gas platforms currently located in the North Sea might eventually be used to fight the problem they helped to create: unsustainable energy generation. By revamping these installation, they could become part of the energy revolution as hydrogen production and storage facilities

Vertical Farming Is Taking Off: Europe’s First Commercial Vertical Farm Under Construction In The Netherlands

April 19th, 2017 | by Rogier van Rooij

Vertical Fresh Farms has been farming commercially on a small scale in Buffalo, New York for a few years, but a larger scale commercial facility is currently under construction in the Netherlands. Fruit and vegetables supplier Staay Food Group is erecting a 900 square meter vertical farm, which will have a total cultivation area of 3000 square meters.

Electrifying Amsterdam Schiphol Airport — Tesla Taxis, Electric Buses, Etc. (#CleanTechnica Original)

March 29th, 2017 | by Rogier van Rooij

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is incrementally electrifying transportation on, from, and to the aviation hub. Being the largest airport in the Netherlands and the 3rd largest player in Europe, with 63.6 million passengers handled in 2016, Schiphol has expressed an ambition to become the most sustainable airport in the world. An important means of reaching this goal is by switching over to electric drivetrains for vehicles operating on the airport itself, as well as for transportation of passengers to and from Schiphol Airport

Dutch Solar Bike Path SolaRoad Successful & Expanding

March 12th, 2017 | by Rogier van Rooij

Bike paths: The Netherlands is covered with them, connecting more or less every destination a person might wish to go to and greatly increasing the convenience of cycling as a sustainable mode of transport. In the densely populated country, where space is scarce, a consortium of companies and research labs called Solaroad is endeavoring to make those cycle lanes reduce carbon emissions in yet another way: by having them to generate solar electricity

All Dutch Trains Now Run 100% On Wind Power

January 8th, 2017 | by Rogier van Rooij

Electric trains have always been a relatively sustainable mode of transport, with much lower emissions than cars, but as of the 1st of January, 2017, all electric train rides in the Netherlands have become even greener. They are now entirely powered by clean, renewable, wind energy

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