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About Robert Dee

Robert Dee is a retired electronic engineer. He has several medical instrument patents and worked with the first classified military computers. His house runs net zero with both an intertie and an intertie/off grid system. He lives in the Catskill Mountains of NY with his wife Nancy and drives an EV. They are both long time vegetarians and passionate environmentalists.

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Why I Don’t Debate Climate Change

December 30th, 2017 | by Robert Dee

I no longer debate global warming and climate change. When I'm confronted with a denier, I ask how either of us, not being experts in the field, could ever hope to resolve a climate science debate? Nothing gets accomplished and this usually shuts down deniers completely. If they keep going, I ask who benefits if climate change is not occurring? Of course, we know the fossil fuel (FF) industry is the big winner. Individuals in  a climate debate, regardless of side, gain very little if anything

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