Author: Otto Gunderson

BasiGo E9 Kubwa is a state of the art electric bus currently being deployed in both Kenya and Rwanda

Electric Buses in Kenya Create Greater Environmental Impact

While South American and Chinese cities have been generating a great deal of attention for the electrification of their public transport, East Africa is determined to not fall behind. The majority of electric buses are still in China, but the ones with the biggest impact may be those deployed in … [continued]

The Movement to Incorporate Women into Kenya’s Solar PV Workforce 

The work done by WISEe, Women in Sustainable Energy & Entrepreneurship, is combating climate change, gender inequality, and improving electricity access simultaneously. Started in 2015, WISEe leads technical PV training, hands-on installation, and entrepreneurship guidance for Kenyan women entering the renewable industry. Based out of Nairobi, they are looking to … [continued]

Demonstration of solar lamps used for night-fishing provided by Millennium Engineers. Photo Provided by Millennium Engineers

Tanzanian Renewable Startup Leading Through Innovation

Headquartered in Mwanza, Tanzania, Millennium Engineers was founded in 2016 and uses creative renewable energy solutions to support local communities across Tanzania. Its most recent project, which is still in development, is centered around the fishing industry in Lake Victoria. Among the completed projects, Millennium Engineers has installed renewable energy … [continued]

EV Charging Lessons for South America

The United States has all of the necessary factors for EV charging growth, and the result has been rapid deployment. The legislation passed by the Biden administration, the commitment by U.S. auto manufacturers to transition to electric vehicles, and the variety of charging options in the US have all contributed … [continued]

Growing Colombia’s Clean Energy Workforce

Labor shortages in the US, particularly in the solar industry, are delaying clean energy projects across the country. Colombia, which is starting to see rapid deployment of clean energy projects and considerable government investment, will need to transition its labor force from the oil and coal industry into clean energy … [continued]

Photo courtesy of Yotta Energy

A New Solution for Off-Grid EV Charging

Yotta Energy clean energy startup based out of Austin, Texas, has been making waves in the solar field since its founding in 2017. Its newest product, which was launched in September of 2022, is seeking to provide off-grid charging for electric vehicles across the US. This product, the Yotta REV, … [continued]