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About Loren McDonald

Loren McDonald Loren McDonald is a marketing evangelist for one of the world's largest technology companies during the day and with what little spare time he has left, he tries to persuade his fellow humans of the societal and economic benefits of "going green." He is currently working on his book "Gas Station Zero" about the transformation of the auto industry to battery electric vehicles. His research and writing on CleanTechnica and his own blog/site,, is focused on the various factors that will increase or inhibit the mass adoption of electric vehicles. He shares his Northern California home with his wife, a daughter, two dogs, solar panels, EV, rain barrel, grass-free yard, compost bin and low-flow toilets.

Author Archives: Loren McDonald

7 Potential Revisions To Federal EV Tax Credit

November 14th, 2017 | by Loren McDonald

Kill it? Save it? Why not improve it? Electric vehicle advocates caught a glimmer of hope in the US last week when it was reported on November 9 that the Senate version of a revised tax plan would keep the federal EV tax credit intact. The House of Representatives tax plan released previously, however, would end the federal EV tax credit

Federal EV Tax Credit Phaseout Quarter For Tesla Becoming More Clear (Sort Of)

July 4th, 2017 | by Loren McDonald

With Elon Musk’s mini-tweetstorm Sunday night, July 2, several things became more clear (sort of) in the world of electric vehicles (EVs). We can now estimate Model 3 production for the rest of 2017 — which also gets us closer to a reasonably accurate estimate of when Tesla will reach 200,000 units delivered in the

Stop The “Tesla Killer” Nonsense

June 22nd, 2017 | by Loren McDonald

It often seems that just about every new electric vehicle that is either launched, announced or showcased as a concept car for the future is called a 'Tesla killer" by the mainstream business and automobile press. I wish they'd just stop it

12 Factors That Will Limit Chevy Bolt Sales In The US (Part 2)

May 17th, 2017 | by Loren McDonald

The Chevrolet Bolt is off to a respectable start in terms of US sales, but will it become America’s top-selling green car? In “12 Factors That Will Limit Chevy Bolt Sales In The US (Part 1),” I offered up the first 6 factors that will unfortunately limit the Bolt’s sales, preventing it from coming close to those achieved by the Toyota Prius at its height of popularity. In this article, I close out my case with 6 more factors

Edmunds: “Elimination of federal tax credits likely to kill US EV market” (Wrong)

April 14th, 2017 | by Loren McDonald

“Without these (federal and state tax) credits, this (electric vehicle) market is likely to crash.” This is the prognostication in a new report from Edmunds, the car information company. Ouch. While the report has some great data and analysis, especially regarding the boom and bust electric vehicle (EV) sales situation that occurred in the US state of Georgia, the ultimate conclusion just gets it wrong

Predicting When US Federal EV Tax Credit Will Expire For Tesla Buyers

January 20th, 2017 | by Loren McDonald

One of the most frequent questions you see these days in electric vehicle forums, blog comments, Facebook groups, and here on CleanTechnica is some variation of the following: "I reserved my Tesla Model 3 on (fill the date), will I still be eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit when my car becomes available?"

“CARMA” — An EV Adoption Framework For US Auto Buyers

January 4th, 2017 | by Loren McDonald

Remember a few short years ago when the hot debate was whether cars in the future would be predominantly powered by fuel cells versus batteries? And even more fundamentally, if electric vehicles would ever move beyond the niche "green" and luxury-performance buying market? My how sentiment seems to have changed recently

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