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About Michael Ricciardi

Michael Ricciardi Michael Ricciardi is a well-published writer of science/nature/technology articles as well as essays, poetry and short fiction. Michael has interviewed dozen of scientists from many scientific fields, including Brain Greene, Paul Steinhardt, Arthur Shapiro, and Nobel Laureate Ilya Progogine (deceased). Michael was trained as a naturalist and taught ecology and natural science on Cape Cod, Mass. from 1986-1991. His first arts grant was for production of the environmental (video) documentary 'The Jones River - A Natural History', 1987-88 (Kingston, Mass.). Michael is an award winning, internationally screened video artist. Two of his more recent short videos; 'A Time of Water Bountiful' and 'My Name is HAM' (an "imagined memoir" about the first chimp in space), and several other short videos, can be viewed on his website (http://www.chaosmosis.net). He is also the author of the (Kindle) ebook: Artful Survival ~ Creative Options for Chaotic Times

Author Archives: Michael Ricciardi

Picking Up Good Vibrations – Tiny Energy Harvester is Most Powerful Yet

May 25th, 2011 | by Michael Ricciardi

Recently, electrical engineers at the University of Michigan, have perfected a device that can harness ambient, mechanical vibrations and convert these into electricity at 5 to 10 times the efficiency and power output than previous devices of this type. At 27 cubic millimeters, a single such system fits -- with room to spare -- on a penny. According to the engineers, the wireless/battery-less devices can be installed and left alone for 10 to 20 years, essentially a "limitless shelf time"

Eco-Artist Creates 'Puff' Device to Monitor Car Emissions

November 23rd, 2009 | by Michael Ricciardi

Puff (a car exhaust monitoring device) is attached near the exhaust pipe of your vehicle. Its color changes dynamically, visualizing the amount of pollution your car is producing. Green indicates the lowest rate of pollution, red the highest. Karolina Sobecka, the artist/designer of Puff, explains: In this project, design is used as a strategy to explore the overlap between the material and immaterial worlds and spur discussion on the hidden social and psychological mechanisms behind the cultural use of accessories as 'objects to think with'...Amateur Human (the design project's official name) focuses on the environmental issues since we all are inadvertently becoming more eco-conscious whether we want to or not, and these issues seem both overwhelming and ambiguous

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